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Natural Healing Gemstone Bracelets from $10.99

Natural Healing Gemstone Bracelets from $10.99

Accessory Alliance Greek Para

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  • Beautiful handmade stretch gemstone bracelet
  • Natural Rose Quartz, Coral and Jade gemstones
  • Bead 5izes: range 4mm, 5mm 8 - 10mm 

Rose Quartz healing properties:

    • Inspires the love of beauty, in oneself and others, in nature, and especially stimulates the imagination art, music and the written word
    • Carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, and com

 Jade healing properties:

  •  Energy and Is said to Bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe

Coral healing properties:

  • Used for spiritual healing of issues related to conflicts between emotions and one's basic instincts.
  • Used to focus the Universal Life Force on finding the strength to deal with the complexities of the modern world and bring balance to your life.
  • Quality: Very good